I grew up in North Carolina. My journey into art was a slow and unexpected one. Although my mother was a writer and artist, I was more into academics and sports.


I went to college at The Johns Hopkins University and the sum total of my art was doodling in the margins of my notebooks. This doodling continued after graduation when I worked for International Paper Company.


One day, while doodling in a staff meeting, someone suggested that perhaps I should be taking some art classes since I lived in New York City.


Deciding that this was a grand idea, I began taking drawing and watercolors. I then took 3 Dimensional Design and then sculpture. With sculpture I thought I had found my calling.


When we moved back to North Carolina in 1989 I had the first of my three children. Realizing that sculpture (in marble that is) was incredibly cumbersome and time consuming with young kids, I turned to painting.


I taught myself how to paint using acrylics by attempting to copy the great painters of the Abstract Expressionism Period. Eventually I developed my own style.


Although I have been painting for 20 years, other than displaying my work in my house I have never shown it until this past July.


I switched to oils years ago because I liked the slow drying time which enables you to mix and erase it more.


I have many, many paintings in my home; in fact, too many to hang and with the positive feedback from the Gallery exhibit I have decided to sell my work.


I hope you love them as much as I do.